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Since then, starting to cultivate while ginseng at the clean region of Mt. SOBAEK,

we have produced health functional food products and grown up to be a special processing company of red ginseng based on the foundation of quality and trust. In 2002,

we acquired ISO9001:2000 for international quality management system and ISO14001:2004 for environment management system in 2010. For further extension of overseas market,

we have actively participated in the international exhibitions held in England, China, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Australia, Vietnam.. through which we made the contract of exporting US$10million and completed exporting of US$2million in 2007 out of the contract.

Hence, SOBAEK KOREA was awarded export tower from the Minister of Agriculture & Forestry in 2007. In January 2009, we obtained GMP certification by Korea Food and Drug Administration and being equipped with high-tech facilities for the production of high quality of credible and outstanding products as well as launching a new brand of SOBAEK KOREA. In October 2009, SOBAEK KOREA products was selected as an excellent agricultural product in YEONG JU city and SOBAEK KOREA REPRESENTATIVE - KANG SUNG CHAN was appointed 'THE CRAFTMASTER OF KOREAN GINSENG' in September 2010.

Under the global market entry strategies initiated in priority since 2011, we obtained 15 new agents through one time-brand launching show and three-times promotional events in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2014, and then succeeded in export contract of USD300,000 and have finished 1st shipment. In addition, we was quickly moving to enter the huge Chinese market and we were allotted on online shopping mall of and TAOBAO mall.


Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameSobaek Insam Farming Cooperative corporation
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established1997
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsAustralia,Hong Kong(China),U.S.A,Viet Nam
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentKANG SUNG CHAN
  • Phone+82-54-637-3438
  • FAX+82-54-638-3720
  • Address453 San beup-li, Punggi-eup,, Yeong ju-si,Gyeongsangbuk-do,
  • Product Category Health & Medical > Health Food
    Health & Medical > Herb Medicine

Additional Introduction

SOBAEK INSAM FAARMING ASSOCIATION ( SOBAEK KOREA RED GINSENG ) was established in 1997 and started to produce white ginseng using ginseng produced Punggiarea as a raw material.

We have tried production of various products together with company's growth based on quality and trust. In 1988, we started to export red ginseng to Taiwan and we have grown to be a full-scale red ginseng producing company since then. We acquired international quality standard ISO-9001:2000 in 2002 and ISO14001 in 2010. And our representative-Mr. KANG SUNG CHAN- was selected the Korean Master of Ginseng in 2011.

We received FDA certification of USA and also received SFDA certification of Saudi Arabia for the first time 

in Korea.

We are now producing 47 kinds of products including 4 health functional foods and other general foods using ginseng as a raw material cultivated in a foot of Sobaek Mountain in Korea which is one of uncontaminated areas. In 2009, we acquired GMP certification from Korea Food & Drug Administration which is a certification on excellent health functional food manufacturer, and we have built new GMP factory to complete the facility improving product safety. Thus, we are now producing Korean traditional red ginseng health product using Korean ginseng material with more thorough health control.


We opened up a new era of exporting US$10million worth of Ginseng products!

Sobaek Korea have been succeeding the business with many buyers through the active participation in many different food Expo held in many countries worldwide. As a result, we are publicizing the excellence of Korean Ginseng keeping pace with Korean wave by exporting our superior Poongi ginseng and red ginseng products to USA, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, Great Britain, Bermuda, etc -Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam): We succeeded in entering Vietnamese market through the specialized marketing activities with Nghiem Gia Ltd, our Ho Chi Minh partner from 2011 to 2014, subsequently we had one time-brand launching show and three times promotional events, as a result we obtained 15 new agents and We are distributing to them. 

Besides, we are running the directive promotion and sales strategy to local consumers on SCJ home shopping TV.-China (Guangzhou, Shanghai): We have already sold Sobaek Korea's products on online shopping mall of VIP.COM and TAOBAO (T-MALL)  and keeping pace with entry to huge Chinese market, we are dedicated to the sanitary 

permission and registration.

Hong Kong (MAIN ISLAND): To the extent that it would be not exaggeration to say that more than 60% of Korean ginseng being sold in famous superstores in Hong Kong island such as PARK N SHOP, TASTE, etc are Sobaek Korea's exported ginseng (fresh ginseng), since 2012, we have exported ginseng accounting for 700KG every week.

Our History

  • DEC, 2015DEC 2015 The fresh ginseng Exported USD 460,220 to WEIHAI in China
  • SEP, 2015SEP 2015 The fresh ginseng Exported USD 123,000 to CHINA - ALIBABA.COM & TAOBAO MALL
  • JAN, 20152011~date, 2015 Exported USD400,000 to Hong Kong Park N Shop, City Super,etc.
  • DEC, 2014Dec 2014 Held promotion event at AEON MALL in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and set up 15 agents
  • SEP, 2014SEP 2014 Started selling to CHINA online shopping mall - VIP.COM
  • NOV, 2013Nov 2013 Held brand launching show in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • JUN, 2013JUNE. 2013 date ~ 2015 Candy Exporting USD20,000 every months to VIETNAM
  • JAN, 2013Exported USD 300,000 to AUSDTRALIA
  • SEP, 20122010~Feb,Aug and Sep 2012 Exported USD 600,000 to Gyeongbuk Corporation-H-MART
  • SEP, 2011May~Sep 2011 Exported USD200,000 to NUTRILINK LIMITED, Hong Kong
  • JAN, 2011Jan 2011 Exported 3rd shipment USD300,000 to US Home Shopping Plus LA
  • SEP, 2010Sep 2010 CEO Sung Chan-Kang was selected as master of ginseng in Gyeongbuk's agricultural master
  • APR, 2010Apr 2010 Started supplying to 52 stores of Homeplus and 6 stores of Lotte Department Store which are SSM stores in Korea
  • OCT, 2009Oct 2009 Won excellence award in Yeongju luxury agricultural product.
  • JUL, 2009Jul 2009 Established Guangzhou branch in China
  • APR, 2009Apr 2009 OEM Exported red ginseng-preserved in honey USD50,000 to Hong Kong
  • FEB, 2009Feb 2009 Exported 2nd shipment USD200,000 to US Home Shopping Korea LA
  • JAN, 2009Jan 2009 Dedicated as GMP-applied company
  • DEC, 2008Dec 2008 Consigned processing for Total Bio Korea Inc
  • SEP, 2008Sep 2008 Completed nutritional contents test for FCE (Food Canning Establishment) & SID (Submission Identifier) by FDA
  • SEP, 2008Oct 2008 Consigned processing for Kangwon Ginseng Union (120 Tons)
  • MAY, 2008May 2008 Exported 1st shipment $200,000USD to LA, USA
  • JAN, 2008Jan 2008 Registered in entering agro-fishery home shopping
  • DEC, 2007Dec 2007 Opened good manufacturing practice-based GMP facilities
  • FEB, 2007Feb 2007 Won export trophy from Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
  • MAR, 2006Mar 2006 Exported USD460,000 to the Americas
  • APR, 2005Apr 2005 Exported USD220,000 to the Americas
  • DEC, 2004Dec 2004 Appointed as excellent agricultural of Yeongju-si
  • DEC, 2004Dec 2004 Won citation from Gyeongsangbuk-do governor
  • OCT, 2004Oct 2004 Exported USD200,000 to New York, USA
  • JUN, 2004Jun 2004 Exported USD960,000 to the Americas
  • DEC, 2003Dec 2003 Won citation from Gyeongsangbuk-do governor
  • OCT, 2003Oct 2003 Appointed as excellent agricultural product of Gyeongbuk
  • SEP, 2002Sep 2002 Acquired quality management system ISO 9001:2000
  • AUG, 2002Aug 2002 Registered trademark and service
  • MAY, 2001May 2001 Manufactured red ginseng extract, sliced red ginseng
  • SEP, 2000Sep 2000 2nd consigned processing export of red ginseng
  • SEP, 1999Sep 1999 1st consigned processing export of red ginseng
  • SEP, 1997Sep 1997 Established Sobaek Ginseng Agricultural Union-affiliated factory

Factory Information

  • GMP MANUFACTURING PLANT453, Sanbeop-ri, Punggi-eup,
  • PROCESSING PLANT736-5 O-hyun ri, Bong hyun myeon, Yeong ju city