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Sobaek Korea Red Ginseng Extract Red Ginseng Concentrate

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Sobaek Korea Red Ginseng Extract Red Ginseng Concentrate


  • Name of Raw Materials and Contents:
    Red Ginseng (6-year-old root) 100% - the mixing ratio of raw (red) ginseng: 70% of red ginseng root and 30% of red ginseng tail root (solid contents: 65% or up, content of red ginseng: 70 mg/g or up)

  • Content: 120g x 1 bottle, 120g x 2 bottles, 240g x 1 bottle, and etc.

  • Packaging Materials Glass bottle: If you are allergic or idiosyncrasy, please consume after checking the

  • ingredients: Please be careful of not to be hurt by packaging materials when you open the product.

  • Main Functionality: Recovery of stamina and improvement of immunity


SOBAEK KOREA Corporation was established in 1997 and started to produce white ginseng using ginseng produced Punggiarea as a raw material.
We have tried production of various products together with company's growth based on quality and trust. In 1988, we started to export red ginseng to Taiwan and we have grown to be a full-scale red ginseng producing company since then. We acquired international quality standard ISO-9001:2000 in 2002 and ISO14001 in 2010. And our representative-Mr. KANG SUNG CHAN- was selected the Korean Master of Ginseng in 2011.
We received FDA certification of USA and also received SFDA certification of Saudi Arabia for the first time in Korea.
We are now producing 47 kinds of products including 4 health functional foods and other general foods using ginseng as a raw material cultivated in a foot of Sobaek Mountain in Korea which is one of uncontaminated areas. In 2009, we acquired GMP certification from Korea Food & Drug Administration which is a certification on excellent health functional food manufacturer, and we have built new GMP factory to complete the facility improving product safety. Thus, we are now producing Korean traditional red ginseng health product using Korean ginseng material with more thorough health control.

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Sobaek Korea Red Ginseng Extract Red Ginseng Concentrate